The White House Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation, in partnership with the Laura and John Arnold Foundation and Nonprofit Finance Fund, is hosting a series of invite-only Regional Pay for Success Summits across the country.

Pay for Success is an innovative approach to funding critical social services that aims to deliver better results by addressing social problems at an early stage and using taxpayer dollars to pay only for demonstrated success. Under Pay for Success models, governments and service providers identify promising programs with the potential to solve high-priority social problems, and private investors cover the cost of those programs up front. An increasing number of cities, counties and states are now exploring Pay for Success models to support programs that are working to reduce homelessness, improve child welfare, lower rates of recidivism, improve public health, expand access to early childhood education and address other social issues.

This series of Regional Pay for Success Summits aims to highlight and advance regional activity underway across the country, build the longer term Pay for Success infrastructure to catalyze future projects and facilitate an open, transparent dialogue among public, private and philanthropic stakeholders.

Join us to hear about the latest regional progress in the PFS field, connect with fellow cross-sector leaders and learn about new resources to help communities catalyze future PFS projects through the recently announced Social Innovation Fund awards and other initiatives.

We look forward to seeing you!

To Learn More about Pay for Success, please visit NFF’s Learning Hub for the latest news, resources and tools.